Marc Sadoff, LCSW  - Written about in Time Magazine.  A Weekend That Transforms  Couples

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Couples Communication

Weekend Workshop

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Try educational relationship communication approach before doing $$$ therapy!


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Imagine Dealing With Upset
People Now With Ease And Grace!

It's a fun and energizing way to transform the quality of your relationships.
And, it costs less than a few sessions of private therapy!

Marc Sadoff, MSW, BCD has done over a hundred couples communication skills seminars and workshops in Los Angeles.  It is a fun, practical and effective classroom style learning experience.

By the end of the weekend You will have:

  • 1

    A tool to stop almost any quarrel in 8 seconds.  Even better, you'll know what to say when you reconnect!

  • 2

    A way to respond to someone who is upset in a way that earns you the right to have your experience listened to fully, by the other.  Learn a method to ensure that instead of getting defensive, your 'First Words' are now connecting and mending; when your partner is upset with you.

  • 3

    A technique that can get most partners to stop criticizing you; and begin listening to your experience of a problem.  The way to do this is stunningly simple!

  • 4

    5 Agreements & 2 Skills that work effectively to help you thrive!
    Knowledge & skills that work!  When you know better you do better! 


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